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In a changing market, how do I know how much it's worth?

Due to the extraordinary appreciation of San Francisco property values over the last decade, and the more recent market
downturn and mortgage liquidity crisis, most home owners are left wondering how much their home is currently worth.  Talking
about the price of homes has become something of a modern-day parlor game, replete with on-line "experts" who seem to take
great glee cheering for the boom (or bust) of the market.

The truth is much more complicated.  The location of a home is still the most important factor in determining its value, and in San
Francisco, location desirability can change block by block.  A home's floorplan, interior design and finishes, functionality,
condition, and parking all play a role in determining its value.  And then there are the intangible elements – those undefinable
aspects that give a home its emotional appeal and make it feel especially inviting or "homey".

If you're looking to sell your home, pricing it properly is of utmost importance.   
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