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Navigating the Buying Process

In the initial buyer meeting, I will help you identify the factors which will guide the search process for a property that best suits your
lifestyle and needs.  We will discuss price and neighborhood.  We will take the time to analyze how you live, and where in the
house you spend the majority of your time, in order to establish lifestyle priorities.

For example, if you work at home, then a space for an office is essential.  If you entertain often, you may want larger public
rooms.  If you are a gourmet chef, a well-appointed kitchen is important.

Prioritizing your list carefully will help you determine what trade-offs you may be willing to make in order to achieve your larger

What to Focus on when Touring Homes

In addition to location, type of home (single-family, condo, loft, etc.), layout and amenities, here are some often overlooked factors
which you may want to consider as you compare your options:

  • Explore locations carefully.  Compare the commute time to your job from different neighborhoods.  Weigh the importance of
    an area’s schools in your home buying decision.  Also, consider neighborhoods’ proximity to shopping and recreation.
  • Actually driving to these locations from the home during commute hours can be a good way to establish a sense of
    commute times and traffic density.
  • Likewise, visiting a home throughout the day and night can help you determine what the noise levels are like in the morning
    and evening, how light hits different rooms in the home and the front and back landscaping, and how comfortable you feel
    in the neighborhood.  You can even try to imagine how light levels and the angle of the sun will change throughout the year.  
    If the home advertises a view, can you see it clearly?  From what rooms and under what conditions?
  • When determining the size requirements for your home, keep in mind how your needs for space may change in the future.
  • In addition to the size of a home, its floor plan should flow nicely from room to room, and should reflect the way you live.  
    Consider the separation of public and private space.  Does a home afford you enough privacy, both inside and out?  How
    often do you plan to use the kitchen, entertain, or work from home?
  • Walk up to a home thinking as a visitor would.  Does the home have curb appeal?  Also, how many cars, including yours
    and those of your guests can you realistically fit in the parking space available?

Let's Find You a Great Home!

Properties on the market
We will begin by viewing properties already on the market.  This will help you define what you like and dislike and help me to
select the most appropriate properties to show you in the future.  Whenever possible, I will view properties to make sure they
meet your needs before showing them to you.

I spend many hours each day searching for new properties and tracking current listings.  I will arrange for you to view new listings
as soon as possible when they come on the market.  You may need to make yourself available on short notice in order to secure
desirable or well priced properties.

Sunday open houses
You may wish to go to Sunday Open Houses on your own.  Please tell the agent holding the open house that you are working
with me and give him or her one of the business cards I have provided you.  Unfortunately, some agents will try to "steal you
away", but I ask for the same loyalty from my clients that I am providing to them.

Brokers’ tours
Each Tuesday in San Francisco, new property listings are open to agents and brokers for viewing.  I will be able to take a "sneak
peek" at properties that may be of interest to you so that we may return together at your earliest convenience for a private
showing.  This is also a time where I network with other agents about properties they may have coming on the market in the near
future.  This advance knowledge can often make the difference in getting you into a property ahead of competing buyers.

How to look at a house
Each time you look at a property, compare that property to your search parameters.  If a specific home falls short of your desires,
consider whether you can alter the home to make it acceptable.  Some features are impossible to change, such as location, but
others can be changes or modified by painting, remodeling, or make structural alterations.

The Buying Process, Step-by-Step

  1. Initial meeting to discuss your needs
  2. Get pre-approved for purchase with a mortgage broker or lender
  3. Start shopping
  4. Review property disclosure information
  5. Write offer – Purchase Agreement
  6. Negotiation of offer
  7. Offer accepted by seller – “In Contract”
  8. Escrow is opened at a title company with earnest money escrow deposit
  9. Property inspections are conducted/Disclosures clarified
  10. Title search is conducted
  11. Appraisal is conducted
  12. Reports received – accepted or negotiated
  13. Formal Loan Approval received
  14. Contingencies removed – Increased deposit
  15. Loan Documents ordered and signed
  16. Lender funds the loan; borrowers’ funds delivered
  17. Deed of Trust is recorded; ownership transfers
  18. Welcome home!
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