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To Buy or Not To Buy?

If you've picked every petal off of every daisy and still can't decide, consider this...

The plain truth is that San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the world in which to buy a home, some would say
absurdly so.  It's also one of the most enthralling and beautiful places on earth, full of a richly diverse array of people and cultures
and a tremendously strong economy -- but then you already know that if you live here!  It is that desirability, coupled with an
extreme lack of undeveloped, buildable land, that makes buying here more expensive than other places.

So why buy?  

  • Because real estate is still the most stable and rewarding long-term investment there is.  Why keep throwing your
    money down the rental drain when you could be building wealth through equity in your own home?
  • Because there are tremendous tax advantages to owning property.  Buyers are often shocked when they discover how
    much they get back in yearly taxes after purchasing a home, because yearly mortgage interest and many initial purchase
    expenses are deductible.
  • Because you're sick to death of your landlord's dirty green shag carpeting.  Owning your own home gives you much
    greater control over your day-to-day environment, which makes most of us happier.

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Making friends with Mr. Scary: Facing the Financing Monster

Most buyers' biggest fear is financing.  Everyone's afraid they don't make enough money to qualify for a loan, or their credit's not
good enough, or someone will laugh at them because they're not as financially savvy as they wish they were.  But you don't need
to be scared – you need good information and, most especially, you need a damn good mortgage broker.

I can offer you both of these – in spades.  I have excellent relationships built over many years with the best mortgage brokers in
the Bay Area.  There are hundreds of loan programs available for every kind of buyer.  
Contact me to find out more about which
might be right for you, or to get a referral to a great mortgage broker!

Learn more than you ever thought you'd know about financing.

Walk step-by-step through the buying process.

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